“The extraordinary happens only when you start to live the little ordinary things.”

Matteo Aielli

Oggi una Guida Ambientale Escursionistica, ma anche un maestro di MTB, un Architetto e molto altro. Un appassionato di sport…una persona fortunata! 

After been far from home for several years, I decided to steer direction and give all my energy to live the dream. I came back to Ponte di Legno, the place I consider home, and decided to put together all the peaces of the puzzle of my working life and try to connect them with a dream. The one of having a life close to the nature and people I love and to live out of the work of guide.

That’s why I created Pontedilegnotrails. The mission is to take people to discover the best trails of high Vallecamonica and not only! 

A fresh local reality that likes to think global! Always in evolution, like nature around us, seeking for the most genuine experience into the wild!

Le montagne sono il mio ufficio e il mio terreno di gioco.



Ponte di Legno a small village in the middle of central italian Alps.

Situated at an altitude of 1258m, Ponte di Legno is an important location for mountain tourism is summer ans winter.  

The silence and the magic of this village are a real attraction for people wishing to spend time in the natural environment.

It is surrounded by high mountains, like Mount Adamello, Castellaccio, Salimmo, Gavia and many more. There is one of the biggest glacier in Europe known as Piandineve. It’s a paradise for outdoor activities in Winter and summer. There are over 500km for MTB and hiking routes that will take you anyway you want to go. 

Here we have what you are searching for!